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Frequently Asked Questions

Is embalming necessary prior to cremation?

Embalming is not required in Ontario but may be necessary under some circumstances.

Is a casket required for cremation?

No. However, if a casket is not used, crematoriums require that the body be enclosed in rigid container of combustible material.

How do I know that the remains of my loved one are not mixed with others

Cremation providers operate under a series of procedures and policies which are designed to provide the highest level of service and reduce the possibility of human error. If you have questions, ask the cremation providers what procedures they use.

Is an urn required to collect the remains of my loved one?

No, however an urn is an option. Cemeteries require that remains be buried in a rigid urn and as such, it is our minimum standard that remains be returned to you in a plastic urn at no additional charge. This plastic urn can be used for burial, scattering or travel.

What is done with the cremated remains?

Cremated remains may be retained by the family, interred in a cemetery, placed in a niche in a columbarium, or scattered on one's private property or in a designated area of the cemetery, or crown land.

What if a loved one dies outside Canada?

When traveling outside the country, consider purchasing travel insurance that will cover the cost of returning a deceased traveler to Canada. Alternatively, you may elect to have cremation undertaken in the country where the person died and return with the cremated remains. The cost to transport the deceased for cremation at home may total several thousand dollars.

Is scattering ashes legal?

Scattering cremated remains is allowed on your own property or crown land. However, keep in mind that a favorite place today may change ownership and development may take place. A dedicated place within a cemetery assures the site chosen will not be developed for other use at some future time.

The law in Ontario states that no person is to scatter human remains at a place other than at a scattering ground operated by a licensed individual. Many cemeteries offer the service at an additional charge. We suggest you discuss this question with your funeral director. As well, if you are seeking information about laws or regulations regarding the scattering of ashes outside of Ontario or outside Canada, you should seek direction from local government officials regarding regulations.

How do I travel with cremated remains?

Before undertaking travel, you should acquaint yourself with the laws of the country to which you are traveling. Niagara Funeral Alternatives can assist you with proper documentation.

Can Pre Arranged Plans be cancelled or transferred?

Pre arrangements can be cancelled or transferred to another provider at any time.  A letter to request the changes is all that is required. If funds are to be returned, all principal and interest must be returned to the consumer, although accumulated interest is taxable income unless the funds are transferred to arrangements with a different provider.

If they choose, providers may legally retain 10% of the pre-arrangement fee to a maximum of $200.00 for administration fees. At Niagara Funeral Alternatives we do not charge any fee.All arrangements are confidential and structured in a manner that ensures you have utmost control over the decisions that really matter.