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Pre-arranged and Pre-paid

If you choose to Pre Pay in full or in installments, your money is held in trust in your name by Guaranteed Funeral Deposits. Established in 1961, Guaranteed Funeral Deposits of Canada Fraternal (GFD) is an independent, non-profit, association of funeral professionals. GFD invests the pre-paid funds into interest generating products such as Trust, Insurance and Annuities.

This money is yours, and should you move or change your mind you may withdraw it at any time, in full, with no administration fees or costs.

Should you prepay in full, your price on the basic service will never increase.

If you choose not to prepay we recommend that you at least pre-arrange. There is no cost, it doesn't take much time and what you want is written down so there is no confusion between family and friends. You can change and modify your arrangements in the future, at no cost, and we'll meet with you at your convenience at a time and place of your choosing.

Prearranging now, means your arrangements will reflect your personal lifestyle, customs and beliefs. When partnered with prepayment, it can lessen the financial burden that often falls to family or friends, and helps ease the worry and emotional upheaval close ones must bear in times of loss.

Because prearranged and prepaid services are protected under the Funeral Directors and Establishments Act in Ontario all monies received for this service must be deposited in a bank, trust company, credit union or fraternal society and held in trust for you. The principal and all interest remain on deposit until the time of death to cover the inevitable increases in costs. Excess funds will be refunded to your estate. If you change your mind and wish to withdraw the funds, the principal and interest will be refunded.